Character Creation


Go for a Wild West Fantasy theme. Not necessarily six shooters and all that, but it can be. Cowboy hats, duels and train heists in Sword & Sorcery! Into the Badlands is not too far off of what I have in mind. Minus the cars and motorcycles.

Ability Scores
20 point buy.

2, one must be from Kingmaker players guide or a regional trait from a River Kingdoms country. (Brevoy, Galt, etc)


  • Fighters get two additional skill points per level.
  • Unchained versions of classes. Monk can be either.
  • Wizard archetype Spellslinger doesn’t lose its cantrips and loses “School of the Gun.” Instead, they lose the bonus feat at 5th level.
  • Summoner use unchained spell list, but eidolon can be either normal or unchained.
  • 3rd party ask and let me see.

Any race you want, but I need to check for OP (like noble drow).

Half-orcs + 2 strength and charisma, -2 intelligence; considered orcs in game

Monster races with racial hit dice can be dialed back as zero HD creatures. Let me know if there is one you’d want to play we’ll make it work.

Anything else, if it looks good in a cowboy hat, we can work out the mechanics on that as well.


Character Creation

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