Character Creation


Go for a Wild West Fantasy Samurai theme. Not necessarily six shooters and all that, but it can be. Cowboy hats, duels, train heists and katanas in Sword & Sorcery! Into the Badlands is not too far off of what I have in mind. Minus the cars and motorcycles. Well, these things might exist but not here. What roads that there are, just aren’t good enough.

Also, nautical things may happen, so Cowboy Ninja Pirates could happen.


Ability Scores
Use either the provided array 15 14 13 12 10 8 or the 27 point buy from page 13 of the Player’s Handbook.

Classes and Backgrounds
Anything from official WotC books is fine. If you find something in the DM’s Guild please show me first. If there is a Pathfinder class that you’d like to play, we’ll first check the D&D classes to see if one fits the concept and if not, we will work on a conversion.

Any race you want if it looks good in a cowboy hat. However, traditional “monster” races will be treated as such from most NPCs. Most people are aware of the monster problem.

Tengu: Can have any species of bird for its head.

Roll for starting wealth.

Make multiple PCs if you’d like.


Character Creation

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