Passive perception (10+ modifier) will be used for ambushes and such.
Acrobatics: Strength modifier may be used for jump checks.

Background Skills

Feat changes
Weapon Focus: prerequisite BAB + 1 removed
Deflect arrows: alternate prerequisite, Weapon Focus in weapon used to deflect
Vital Strike: works any time you only make one attack in a round (excluding AoOs)

Bonus feats
Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Weapon Finesse

Combat Maneuvers
Provoke only on a failed check.

Short spear, quarterstaff, light flail and bo staff are finesseable.
Spear is also a one handed martial weapon.
Greatclub is a simple weapon.
Strength may be used for attack rolls with thrown weapons.
Bows are exotic weapons. (Rangers may choose bows as martial in exchange for guns, barbarians treat them as martial.)

Guns target normal AC, not touch.

Low magic automatic bonus progression

Fractional BAB and Saves

Let’s vote on staggered advancement.

No color-coded for your convenience dragons.

1 Platinum = Ten-dollar, 1 Gold = 1 Dollar, 1 Silver Piece = Ten-penny, 1 Copper = 1 Penny.


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