Character Creation


You are a member of a mercenary company with a long history but has fallen on hard times of recent. Most of the company has been slain in a recent war and you are just trying to pick up the pieces. Go for a Wild West Fantasy Samurai theme. Not six shooters and all that. Cowboy hats, duels, train heists and katanas in Sword & Sorcery! Into the Badlands is not too far off of what I have in mind. Minus the motorcycles.

Why’d you join the company? Were you running from something? Criminal? Deposed noble? Poor farmboy looking for adventure.

Also, nautical things may happen, so Cowboy Ninja Pirates May exist.

Any of the PCs acts as the Annalist of the company. One should be a Physician. One may be the Standardbearer.


Of course you were given a name at birth, but in the company you likely have a nickname. See here for examples.

Ability Scores
Roll 4d6 drop the lowest. Reroll one one. If you roll really low, let’s figure something out to make it fun.

Classes and Backgrounds
Anything from official WotC books is fine. If you find something in the DM’s Guild please show me first. Also, in keeping with the precedent set in the Black Company novels, it is possible you were a powerful magician, used to be immortal, hundreds of years old, but lost your powers after your True Name was invoked.

There is no difference between divine and arcane magic. The various classes just indicate focus of spells.

New Backgrounds
Disowned Noble
Exiled Ruler

Any race you want if it looks good in a cowboy hat. However, traditional “monster” races will be treated as such from most NPCs. Most people are aware of the monster problem.

Halflings: Are a variant human evolved from living on islands with scarce resources. They breed true with humans to produce little humans or big halflings.

Tengu: Can have any species of bird for its head.

Dwarves have evolved isolated in the cold northern climes where he sun sets for 6 months out of the year. Replace Stonecunning with this: Cold Adaptation: Dwarves have Advantage on checks to resist cold due to environmental conditions.

Elves mature at the same rate humans do and reach adulthood around the age of 20. They live longer than humans, however, often reaching 120 years.
Sand Elves from the far Eastern dune sea. They are a variant of humanity that evolved on a continent with high magic.

Gnomes are weird little mining creatures

Half-orcs: Anyone with partial monster heritage is considered a half-orc, whether it be troll, orc, ogre.

Warforged because robot samurai cowboy ninja pirates! Also, I read an article that might allow a Warforged to be a Transformer.

Make multiple PCs if you’d like. I’m going for an episodic West Marches style, so having a PC for different environments might be good.


Character Creation

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