True Names and the Rite of Naming

Surprise round
If a character is able to ambush the other in a surprise round and scores a critical hit and/or sneak attack, the damage is dealt Constitution damage.

0 hit points
If a character is knocked out in combat then restored, they gain a level of exhaustion.

Allegiances not alignment


A low magic setting. Most people never encounter magic nor a praticioner. Magic items will mean something. Illusions are a big deal. People just don’t expect that. They get wowed by the simplest of spells. Feel free to flavor spe!ls however you want, like magic missiles cause heart attacks. There won’t be a lot of magic items. But there will be special items, and what is magic will be impressive.

Banned Spells

Money .
Average household income ~ 50 pennies per month
1 Platinum = 10 dollars, 1 Gold = 1 Dollar, 1 Electrum = 1 Half-dollar, 1 Silver Piece = Ten-penny, 1 Copper = 1 Penny

No color-coded for your convenience dragons.

Guns exist somewhere. I am going for cowboy samurais more than gunslinging cowboys. See picture on the front page. The Man with No Name But it wouldn’t be The Wild West without some six-shooters.


Showdown in the Shadow Lands Eak Eak